Teacher to Teacher — Hot Potato!

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This version of Hot Potato is a fun way to review the books of the Bible! Have the students sit in a circle.
Hand one of them the ‘hot potato’ (any object you choose; I like to use a small stuffed animal) and say a random book of the Bible. The student repeats your book and then quickly passes the ‘hot potato’ to the left. He must then say the next six books of the Bible in order before the ‘hot potato’ makes it all the way around the circle back to him. He then gets to hand the ‘hot potato’ to another student and say a random book of the Bible. The Bible loops around, so if the first book named is Jude, the student will say, “Jude (passes the ‘hot potato’), Revelation, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.”

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