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David Ladyman

I am by profession an editor, writer and publisher, but above all I am a Christian. Teaching has always been a passion of mine. I believe strongly in helping students figure out the Scriptures for themselves, while I do a delicate balancing act of guiding their discovery yet keeping out of their way! I also believe that the way to reach a student is to make the topic relevant to their lives, hence the practical focus of the You Are There series. While I began teaching adult and high school classes almost forty years ago, I made the leap into the elementary classes when my kids reached that age, and I have been teaching those levels, as well as the older students, ever since.

Martha Ladyman

I have been teaching Bible classes for close to forty years, ever since I was shoved into the toddler class at the age of 16 with no curriculum or visual aids and told to “wing it.” That experience taught me the value of preparation, prayer, and being able to burst into song at a moment’s notice. I love teaching Bible classes because I have seen first-hand the positive difference a good teacher and a good class can make in a child’s life. (Plus, nothing beats the hugs at the end of class!) I’ve taught every age level from infant through adult and enjoy them all, but my favorite ages are upper elementary and adult.

David and Martha (married in 1977) live in Austin, Texas, with our daughter Evie and sons Will and Jesse. This workbook series is the result of five years of hard work, prayer, and a lot of support from our friends and family, especially our home congregation. Each lesson has been taught in various classes from middle school through adult, and the names of the students (a.k.a. The Guinea Pigs) are listed in each workbook. We are grateful to all the students who have participated, and for every encouraging word and prayer!


Ryan Archer


I am an artist, illustrator, and graphic and web designer. After graduating from the California State University at Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I started studying Cartooning with veteran artist Mel Schuenberger. In 2007 I started my freelance career doing illustrations, graphic designs, and logos and creating my own web comic online. In 2009 I added web site creation to my repertoire and now I run my own online based graphic and web design studio, N8 Logic.




 You Are There

Christian Books for middle school, young teens to adults. Featuring historical facts about the daily living of characters in the bible, where they lived, what they wore, ate and how they brought the word of God to the people of their time.



“And even when I am old and gray, O God, do not forsake me,

until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to all who are to come.”

Psalm 71:18


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