14 Acts: The Beginning of the Church


Thirteen Studies of Key Characters and Events in the Book of Acts

 Suitable for Classroom or Study at Home

ISBN-13: 978-1-939059-14-7

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Each Lesson Includes

✔  INTRODUCTION from the Perspective of a Bible Character


✔  “DID YOU KNOW?”  Interesting Facts 

      Relating to the Story

 “HARVESTING”  Discussions of Christian Qualities

✔  MAP



This Book Includes

♦  MATTHIAS  The Replacement

♦  STEPHEN  Dies For Telling the Truth

♦  ETHIOPIAN TREASURER  On the Road to Gaza

♦  ANANIAS  Meets the Enemy

♦  CORNELIUS  The Centurion

♦  RHODA  The Servant Girl

♦  BARNABAS  The Encourager

♦  JAMES  At the Jerusalem Council

♦  LYDIA  Who Sells Purple Cloth

♦  THE JAILOR  In Philippi

♦  APOLLOS  An Eloquent Man

♦  AN ELDER  In Ephesus

♦  PAUL  Fulfills a Vow

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