All the Color Cards


One copy of every “You Are There” color card set

 Particularly useful for teachers of younger classes


This pack includes all twelve color card sets — 170 cards in all! We’ve added it for teachers of younger classes who want all the cards, but won’t be teaching at the high school level. This is a great gift for the dedicated teacher on your list, with cards illustrating stories both familiar and less well known. It contains:

✔  YAT01 Cards: Beginnings

✔  YAT02 Cards: Jacob & His Family

✔  YAT03 Cards: Exodus

✔  YAT04 Cards: Wanderings & Conquest

✔  YAT05 Cards: Judges & King Saul

✔  YAT06 Cards: David & His Family

✔  YAT07 Cards: Two Kingdoms

✔  YAT08 Cards: Exile & Return

✔  YAT11 Cards: Christ on Earth: Jesus Dwelling Among Us

✔  YAT12 Cards: Christ on Earth: Jesus Goes to Jerusalem

✔  YAT13 Double Cards: Parables of Jesus

✔  YAT14 Cards: Acts: The Beginning of the Church

Purchased individually, these would cost almost $190; as a pack, you save over 10%.