All the Color Cards


One copy of every “You Are There” color card set

 Particularly useful for teachers of younger classes

Product Description

This pack includes all twelve color card sets — 170 cards in all! We’ve added it for teachers of younger classes who want all the cards, but won’t be teaching at the high school level. This is a great gift for the dedicated teacher on your list, with cards illustrating stories both familiar and less well known. It contains:

✔  YAT01 Cards: Beginnings

✔  YAT02 Cards: Jacob & His Family

✔  YAT03 Cards: Exodus

✔  YAT04 Cards: Wanderings & Conquest

✔  YAT05 Cards: Judges & King Saul

✔  YAT06 Cards: David & His Family

✔  YAT07 Cards: Two Kingdoms

✔  YAT08 Cards: Exile & Return

✔  YAT11 Cards: Christ on Earth: Jesus Dwelling Among Us

✔  YAT12 Cards: Christ on Earth: Jesus Goes to Jerusalem

✔  YAT13 Double Cards: Parables of Jesus

✔  YAT14 Cards: Acts: The Beginning of the Church

Purchased individually, these would cost almost $190; as a pack, you save over 10%.