Everything You Are There


One copy of every “You Are There” workbook and color card set

 Particularly Suitable for Study at Home


This pack includes all twelve student workbooks (along with discussion notes for each workbook) and all twelve color card sets. We’ve added it after multiple requests by home-schoolers and others who plan to study with their family at home. It contains:

✔  YAT01 & Cards: Beginnings

✔  YAT02 & Cards: Jacob & His Family

✔  YAT03 & Cards: Exodus

✔  YAT04 & Cards: Wanderings & Conquest

✔  YAT05 & Cards: Judges & King Saul

✔  YAT06 & Cards: David & His Family

✔  YAT07 & Cards: Two Kingdoms

✔  YAT08 & Cards: Exile & Return

✔  YAT11 & Cards: Christ on Earth: Jesus Dwelling Among Us

✔  YAT12 & Cards: Christ on Earth: Jesus Goes to Jerusalem

✔  YAT13 & Double Cards: Parables of Jesus

✔  YAT14 & Cards: Acts: The Beginning of the Church

Purchased individually, these would cost more than $270; as a pack, you save over 10%.