05 Judges & King Saul


Thirteen Studies of Key Characters and Events in Judges, Ruth & 1 Samuel

 Suitable for Classroom or Study at Home

ISBN-13: 978-1-939059-05-5

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Each Lesson Includes

✔  INTRODUCTION from the Perspective of a Bible Character


✔  “DID YOU KNOW?”  Interesting Facts 

      Relating to the Story

✔  “THE REST OF THE STORY”  More About the Judges

      and Saul

✔  MAP



This Book Includes

♦  DEBORAH  The Prophet

♦  GIDEON  Contends With Baal

♦  JEPHTHAH  Makes a Vow

♦  SAMSON  Gets Married

♦  DELILAH  & Samson

♦  RUTH  Joins the Family

♦  HANNAH Is Heard by God

♦  ELI  Loses His Sons

♦  SAMUEL  And His King

♦  SAUL  The Reluctant King

♦  SAUL  The Anxious King

♦  JONATHAN  Relies on God

♦  SAUL  The Disobedient King

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