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Studies in the Minor Prophets


Thirteen Studies of the Minor Prophets, Along with Key Themes Throughout the Prophets’ Writings

Suitable for Teen or Adult Classes, or Study at Home

ISBN-13: 978-1-939059-00-0

Thirty-one   8.5″ x 5.5″   pages

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Product Description

The introductory lesson places the Minor Prophets in their historical and political context — who was ruling? who was a threat? what were the dangers to Israel and Judah?

Each of the remaining twelve lessons focuses on a book of prophecy, but also discusses a major theme found in that prophecy and elsewhere in God’s prophetic writings. Each of these lessons include:

✔  Introduction to the prophet and his writing

 A basic Outline of the book

✔  New Testament References — places that quote or refer to the book

✔  Discussion Questions about the book

✔  Discussion Questions about a Related Theme, with additional passages from other prophets

The twelve lessons and their related themes include:

♦  Hosea      Who is God’s Bride? Who is God’s Child?

♦  Joel      Why Does God Prophesy?

♦  Amos      What is a Prophet?

♦  Obadiah      What is “The Day of the Lord”?

♦  Jonah      Why Do We Study the Prophets?

♦  Micah      Sins Against Your Neighbor

♦  Nahum      Why Does God Speak to other Nations?

♦  Habakkuk   How Does God Use the Nations of the Earth?

♦  Zephaniah      Sins Against God

♦  Haggai      Be Separate, Be Holy

♦  Zechariah      Is This Physical or Spiritual Israel?

♦  Malachi      The Messiah Comes!