07 Two Kingdoms


Thirteen Studies of Key Characters and Events in 1 & 2 Kings & 2 Chronicles

 Suitable for Classroom or Study at Home

ISBN-13: 978-1-939059-07-9

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Each Lesson Includes

✔  INTRODUCTION from the Perspective of a Bible Character


✔  “DID YOU KNOW?”  Interesting Facts 

      Relating to the Story

 “THE MINOR PROPHETS”  An Overview of These

      Prophets’ Writings

✔  MAP



This Book Includes

♦  JEROBOAM  A Valiant Warrior

♦  ELIJAH  The Prophet

♦  AHAB  Jezebel’s Husband

♦  ELISHA  A Persistent Prophet

♦  NAAMAN  The Warrior Leper

♦  JEHU  The House Cleaner

♦  JEHOIADA  The Priestly “King”

♦  JONAH  Condemns Nineveh

♦  UZZIAH  A Mostly Good King in Mostly Good Times

♦  ISAIAH  Is Sent by God

♦  HEZEKIAH  Trusts in the Lord

♦  JOSIAH  Turns to the Lord

♦  JEREMIAH  Breaks a Jar

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