Texas & Taxes

Texas Taxes Explained:

This is about paying taxes in Texas. If you aren’t in Texas, we don’t have to collect Texas taxes from you and you can ignore this page. Please return to your regularly scheduled browsing and buying. 🙂

We are in Texas, so we are required to charge sales tax on sales made to Texas addresses — unless the buyer is exempt from paying taxes for these materials. Both religious and educational organizations are exempt from paying sales tax on our materials, as long as you’ve filed for exempt status from the state of Texas. (Note that you don’t have to have an official Texas number for this.)

If you’re exempt, we need a simple form from you for our files. You can get that form here. We’ve filled out the parts that we can fill out, but feel free to change the description or purpose if you prefer. The first time you order from us, please create an account (you can do that when you start the checkout) and complete this form and send it to us (via fax, email, land mail, or any other way that will get it to us):

11308 Taylor Draper Lane, Austin, TX  78759
FAX: (866) 615-9358

Once we have the form on file, we can mark your account as tax-exempt, and you won’t have to go through this again.

(If you are in Texas and aren’t exempt, our sales cart will add the tax to your sale; currently, it’s 8.25%.)

For more information on Texas sales tax exemptions, see:


On that page, under the question, How do I apply for an exemption?, you can get a PDF of the form needed to request exemption in Texas. (You probably want form AP-209, but there are other similar forms available here as well. Most churches and schools will already have completed this form.)