Using the Color Cards

Wow, these sure are nice pictures!

Now, what can I do with them?

First of all, we recommend you laminate them. Lamination means less wear and tear on the cards, which means they last longer and get used more by you! Get your full value out of a card set — laminate!

Laminated or not, here are a few suggestions for how to use these cards in your Bible class:

For Older Classes

   Use them as a review wall

   Create a time line that develops throughout the study

   Use them as a foundation for older students to teach younger

For Younger Classes

   Cut them into jigsaw puzzles

   Create a “picture book” for storytelling

For All

   Use them as triggers for student summaries of stories

Each color card set includes:

 Thirteen 8.5″ x 11″ cards, one card for each lesson in the corresponding student workbook
✔  The Exodus card set includes a 14th card, illustrating the Tabernacle furnishings
✔  The Parables card set has 26 cards, one for each of the two parables included in each lesson

 A “cover sheet” with labelled thumbnail pictures of all the cards in the set

 A sheet of more details for ways to use the cards