Why “You Are There”?

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The Bible Story

Through the Eyes of

The People Who Lived It

Twelve Workbook Studies
(13 lessons each)
of key characters and events
throughout the
Bible Story

Suitable for classroom or study at home

Created for High School, but also useful for younger and older students

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These lessons are designed primarily for teens, but they can be profitably used by students as young as ten or eleven, and by adults. They don’t assume that the student is a Christian, but they do emphasize the value of a life dedicated to Christ.

The purpose of the lessons is to put each person into the shoes (sandals?) of a character in the Bible story — sometimes an important character, sometimes one of the “crowd.” For a few minutes, we want the students to live the life that the character lived, seeing the world through his eyes, facing the same decisions she faced . . . because those decisions are our decisions — stand or run? believe or doubt? confront or go with the flow? attack or persuade? By studying their decisions, and the consequences of those decisions, we can practice making those decisions ourselves; hopefully, the right decisions.

No one has promised that life as a Christian is easy, and some of the good decisions that Bible characters make result in pain and suffering. These lessons discuss that pain and suffering as well, and help students consider whether Christ is worth it.

I have been teaching Bible classes for over 30 years. Usually I do a lot of research to come up with maps and extra information to make the Bible applications relevant to the lives of my students. In the “You Are There” series much of this work is already done and everything from maps to background information to related Bible passages are all there in an easy to use 2-page format. This is the best overall Bible Class book series I have ever used.

Sylvia Coulson, Waxahachie, TX

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